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For new and used vehicles from all brands.

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Fixed monthly instalments

No risk of depreciation

Customised financing

State-of-the-art technologies

No capital commitment


Simple, flexible, reliable – with ALPHERA leasing, you are always free to choose from the latest vehicle models. The monthly leasing rate is based on your individual needs, and everything from the down payment, to the mileage, to the effective annual interest rate and contract duration can be tailored to your requirements. Leasing is similar to renting in that you only pay for the use of the vehicle and you do not bear any of the risk of depreciation at the end of the contract.


Financial freedom thanks to flexible financing

Ownership right from the start of the contract

Variable down payment

Fixed interest rate

Fixed monthly instalments

Tax relief

Buying on finance.

With this flexible, personalised solution, you become the owner of your new vehicle right at the start of the contract. The financing amount is split up into up to 60 monthly instalments at a fixed interest rate – with no need to pay a final instalment at the end. Another advantage: you decide whether you want to make a down payment or not.

Depending on which canton you live in, you may also be able to take advantage of tax relief when buying on finance and deduct the interest on the debt from your tax return


Ownership right from the start of the contract

Lower, fixed monthly rates


Secure the perfect combination of leasing and buying on finance with Select – the innovative financing solution. With Select, you also become the owner of your vehicle right at the start of the contract. You will only be charged for the cost of the use of the vehicle, and you will have the following options at the end of the contract:

  1. Paying the final instalment in order to own the vehicle permanently
  2. Taking out additional finance to cover the final instalment
  3. Returning the vehicle to the dealer
  4. Taking out a new financing contract for a new vehicle