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Insurance product range

Stay on the safe side – with insurance products you can rely on.

You enjoy the ride – we’ll take care of everything else: with the exclusive insurance products from ALPHERA, you can get on the road with peace of mind, no matter which brand of vehicle you are driving. And here’s the best part: with ALPHERA, you can simply combine the insurance with your financing solution. This is not only attractive from a financial point of view, it also saves you a lot of paperwork.

Flyer insurance solutions

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Everything from a single source

All-round peace-of-mind package: we insure the vehicle, the occupants and even the leasing rates

Preserves the value of your investment

Motor vehicle insurance.

Thanks to our vehicle insurance, you are on the safe side. You can tailor the policy depending on the precise cover you need, or you can simply combine it with your lease. More

Protection insurance.

Have you experienced one of the following situations?
Did you lose your vehicle key? Was the seat upholstery damaged by a cigarette? Are the tyres damaged or the rims broken due to a collision? More

Payment protection insurance.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan – and that includes financial plans. With ALPHERA payment protection insurance, you can rest assured that you can pay your contractually agreed monthly instalments, even when things go wrong. More

Warranty insurance.

Thanks to advanced technology, modern used vehicles offer unlimited driving pleasure. But in our experience, as the age of the vehicle increases, so does the risk of repairs. Play it safe when buying a used vehicle and protect yourself against unexpected repair costs with an ALPHERA warranty insurance. More