Warranty insurance that keeps you driving happy for longer.

Get on the road with absolute peace of mind – even after your vehicle’s factory warranty runs out.

Your insurance options

We guarantee peace of mind – and we guarantee it won’t be complicated.

Time leaves its mark on your vehicle. The older the car or motorbike, the higher the risk that repairs will be needed. That’s why you should opt for an extended warranty that covers any repairs after your vehicle’s factory warranty runs out.

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Our warranty packages:

Have you lost your car key? Has damage occurred to one of the tyres, rims or in the interior? We will provide repairs or the corresponding replacement:

  • ALPHERA Aggregate Warranty
  • ALPHERA Basic Warranty
  • ALPHERA Plus Warranty
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Example calculation.

Repair cylinder head gasket

Labour and parts
(Costs without a warranty):
CHF 1’800

Your share of the costs with ALPHERA Plus Warranty: CHF 0

Your benefits

  • Protection against high repair costs
  • No paperwork in the case of damage
  • No cost sharing
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Your dream, our financing.

When it comes to vehicle financing, each customer has different needs. We adapt the parameters in line with your requirements.

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